Sunday, January 26, 2014

What's Been Happening???

Wow, how time flies. I realize that my last post was in 2011.  Boy, does time get away from you and quickly.  2011 was a tough year as I lost my Dad on December 6th.  I was grateful to be able to return to the US for the funeral and to be with my family for a period of time.

I returned to the City of Heavenly Water February 1, 2012 and was able to finish my term.  We saw God's goodness in several being added to the Kingdom during that time.  Yet, my last year+ on the field in East Asia was some of the toughest times I had experienced over the last several years of living overseas.  There was much grief, loneliness, and spiritual warfare.  I cannot even begin to describe the emotional, physical, and spiritual toll that it took on me.

My term ended and I returned to the USA, March 10, 2013.  I came back to the US feeling numb in many ways seeking rest and restoration.  My first month was spent just trying to get my bearings about me and learn how to live in America once again.  The Lord blessed me with many speaking opportunities over the next several months telling others what He has been doing in East Asia.  It was such a blessing being around folks who have such a heart for the nations and spreading His love around the world.  I have also been able to visit with family and dear friends.  I even had a couple of projects to do for my Mom in which I was able to listen to good praise and worship music and sermons as I pressure washed her house and stained her decks.  Sometimes good old fashioned manual labor can be good for the soul.

In God's goodness, He has given me the time, rest, and restoration that I have needed.  He has been so gracious to me in allowing me to pour out my heart to some dear friends and receive godly counsel and instruction.  He has reminded me over and over again of His constant steadfast love for me.  The Lord has also allowed me this time with my precious Mother who has put up with me through these months of getting my feet back on the ground.  She is my hero and when I grow up, I want to be like her!

I praise God for His infinite goodness, mercy, and grace that would save a wretch like me and who would grant me such a time for healing.  I seek to know Him more and walk in His ways for His own glory.  So now, I wait....

I have been in the process of trying to return to Asia since November.  The wait continues as I pray and ask for God to open doors so that I may return.  Cloud City is my expected new home as I make preparations to return.  In the process of rejected visas, I have been reminded that God's throne is fixed and that He shall see His will accomplished.  No rulers or kingdoms on this earth have the last say.  Provers 21:1 says, "The king's heart is like channels of water in the hand of the Lord; He turns it wherever He wishes."  He will open doors in His time and, I wait.  May He be glorified, even in the waiting!

Friday, January 21, 2011

Part Of My Heart

I made a recent trip back to my former city, The Crossroad, to see my dearest Cnese friend, Millie get married. She looked beautiful and it was special for me to be there for her wedding. Millie is my former tutor and Sister. She came to f@ith about eight months after I had moved in country. She has been a faithful friend. It was an emotional trip for me as I visited many old friends, classmates, and teachers. I spent three years in this city and was blessed to build some deep and sweet relationships. Wherever you live and plant your life, there is no way to move without leaving some of those roots behind. It seems that in all of the places I've lived, a little part of my heart is left there and these places will always hold a special meaning for me. It was great being back at my old stomping ground again and renewing friendships. How good Father is to give me friends wherever He has me go and plant my life...if only for a season. Praize Him for how He blesses us with dear friends.

Sunday, January 09, 2011


Living in another country is always interesting. I got on the bus one day recently to head downtown to do some shopping. As soon as I got on the bus and took a place in the middle of the aise, I heard these two in front of me and one behind me. They were aruging. Sometimes in this culture, when people are talking, it sounds like they are arguing. Then, you find out they are just having a normal conversation. Well, after listening to these two women for just a little while, I realized they were really having an argument. They were speaking the local dialect and I could not make out much of what they were saying. Sounded like something very insignificant. The bus driver was even yelling back at them telling them to stop. The older lady behind me actually stood up and began spitting across the aisle at the lady. I was in the middle of this heated discussion and I wasn't sure what to do if a fight broke out. I started asking Father to not allow a brawl to ensue. The only word I could think of to shout was "ping an", which means "peace." These ladies argued the entire time I was enroute. Thankfully, I did not hear the Rocky theme song begin to play and a fist fight break out before I got off the bus. How wonderful to know that the Prince of Peace will come to rule and to reign in the future. I am definitely looking forward to that special day!

Saturday, January 08, 2011


O, Christmas Tree!!!

Christmas Day with special friends!

The mask of Sponge Bob!

Me and my lao wai (foreign) friends!

"Happy Birthday" to ME!

My yummy Birthday cake!

Me and my lovely cake!

Blowing out the forest fire!

Opening birthday gifts...always a treat!

Seeing off sweet folks at the airport who made
my birthday extra special!

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Heart Friends

You know the kind of friends I'm talking about...those friends with whom you can let your hair down with and just be yourself. I had the opportunity to go visit some friends of the heart for 9 days and it was just what the doctor ordered. We had so much fun catching up and just enjoying time together. Very grateful for the way Father has placed these people in my life and how He uses them to encourage my heart each time we're together. Thanks a bunch to both H families!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

An Egg-stra Special Meal

Eating a meal in my host country can always be interesting to say the least. I always think that using chopsticks is no big deal...until today. Meals here usually include each person having their own bowl of rice. You usually order one dish per person, which you put in the middle of the table. Then, you each have your own chopsticks and just kind of take food out of the dishes in front of you and put a little at a time into your bowl of rice. Then, you eat out of your rice bowl. One of the cultural norms here between close friends is that during a meal you may take your chopsticks and take something out of one of the dishes in the middle and put it into your friend's rice bowl. It's like you're giving your friend an extra helping.

This evening, I was having dinner with my good friend, Victoria. We ordered a meat dish and then this small kettle of soup. The soup my friend ordered had a green leafy vegetable, mushrooms, quail eggs, and noodles in it. I was trying to be culturally appropriate and give my friend a quail egg. Let me just say that those suckers are quite slippery. I grabbed the quail egg with my chopsticks and reached over to put it in her bowl. Suddenly, the egg went flying out of my chopsticks and landed in her lap. Victoria is such a good sport. She just picked it up and threw it back into her harm, no foul. She then picked up the quail egg with her chopsticks out of her bowl and ate it. We laughed so hard over that and she just kept saying, "It doesn't matter."

I'm thankful for a gracious friend and this funny story we can talk about for years to come. Note to self: practice using your chopsticks or stay away from the quail eggs!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Watermelon, Cantaloupe

From my youth up, I was involved with choirs and singing in ch*rch. During those times, I heard that if you forget the words or lose your place, just sing "Watermelon, Cantaloupe" and no one can tell you aren't singing the right words. Last night, I attended a local ch*rch's Wednesday evening singing service, which lasted two hours. They did provide song books, but it was all in my host country's language. Needless to say, I did not know all of the characters. I did okay until they started singing more up-tempo songs. So, I found myself wanting to sing the "Watermelon, Cantaloupe" addition just so I could keep up with them. It was a blessing just to see these faithful and committed brothers and sisters singing praizes to the King of Kings.
After the singing time, some of them were headed over to a pryer meeting that would last from 10 pm until 5:30 am. May Father continue to bless the ch*rch here and may many more be added to their number for His glry.